Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Summer Fun

Here are some more updates from the summer. As I mentioned, we had a group of folks go camping at City Park. We got Fandango out there for a few days and the entire trip was great. The July 4th festivities included a lot of lake time and we got to watch fireworks from the boat. You already saw some of the campsite photos which were mixed with our May trip above but here are some more pics.

Next up was our family reunion. No Fandango did not make it out there this year but I am capturing it now because we are set at taking Fandango next year. We also have a day at Garner State Park planned prior to the 2010 reunion and two days back at Garner after the reunion so that will be our biggest Fandango trip yet. Oh and yes, I like to wear a life jacket like a diaper when I am swimming in lakes. It is far easier to deal with kids or just to relax and not tread water or keep track of a floatie.

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